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Morrell Companies of Elk River Minnesota is a full service carrier, offering a vast variety of standard and specialized transportation services. We service a broad spectrum of industries – whether it is meeting the transportation needs of oversized heavy equipment, or the shipment of delicate medical supplies, we have the tools and talent to get the job done right. There is virtually nothing we can’t professionally transport.

Company Service Philosophy

The management team at Morrell Companies is interested in more than just moving loads from one point to another.  They seek a partnership with customers.  "We keep the customer number 1.   We are competitively priced and have quality equipment and people."

Company History

Larry and Arlyce Morrell started Morrell Transfer in 1962 as a common carrier.  In 1974 Larry recognized the potential of specialty hauling and opened an aggregate division.    Eight years later, divisions were formed to haul concrete products, recycling material, and heavy equipment.  Over the years the entire family has been involved in various ways and to varying degrees, which has allowed for continued growth and expansion.

At the beginning of 1999 Morrell Companies moved into a new 36,000 sq. ft. terminal in Elk River, MN.  This provided the company even greater ability to service customers, while also providing much needed expansion.

Todd, Terry, and Trent Morrell transitioned to the leadership of Morrell Companies in the early 2000’s, with each assuming ownership of a previous division. Larry and Arlyce continue to work in the company on a part-time basis. Morrell Oversize was added in 2008, and is owned and operated by Renee Morrell.

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