We specialize in hauling precast concrete products with a variety of equipment.  For instance, our fleet of Flatbed Pipe Trailers are equipped with pipe unloaders so that the product can be delivered directly to the job site location.  

Our fleet of Flatbed Pipe trailers are 42’ to 45’ long, and we also have 48’ Step Deck Trailers capable of hauling oversized pipe.  We have 42’ flatbeds with 3 axles for handling additional weight.

We haul pipe from 12” to 120” steel/concrete, storm sewer pipe, and concrete sanitary pipe..   

We have over 20 years of experience hauling precast concrete products. Our excellent service, extensive knowledge, and commitment to get the job done right, and on-time have earned us the loyalty of a select group of customers.  We put forth the extra time and effort to deliver the product to the exact spot it is needed.